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Universal Coin Company is one of Melbourne's oldest and most reputable precious metal buyers.  Through 1990's when gold and silver prices were low and gold buyers were few and far between, our business and reputation steadily grew. Through this period our company mantra has always been to provide the best possible customer service we can while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

For many years now we have been the precious metal buyer of choice for both trade and the general public. From this, we have grown and diversified. In 2004 the gold operation was spun off into Gold Merchants International (GMI) which today is Australia's largest buyer of recyclable gold and in 2008 Australian Bullion Company (ABC) Melbourne, Australia's oldest privately owned  and most respected Bullion companies.

Today we have seen gold and silver prices have rise to record highs and although they have come back slightly over the last 12 months, there has been dramatic increase in the amount of gold buyers popping up across Australia and even more so in Melbourne. One of the issues with many gold buyers is a lack of transparency in their services. Some of the common complaints are gold buyers charging administration fees and another paying for a lower purity, for example, paying a customer for 9 carat rather than the higher 14 carat.

At Universal our aim hasn't changed over the last 20 years, we still provide the best possible customer service while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, and with the creation of our new website we have added to that. We are now able to provide the most transparent gold buying service Australia has to offer. Using the highest quality gold and silver X-Ray testing equipment we test and weigh your gold in front of you. From here we pay in accordance with our advertised price. Click here for our Live Price List and click here for our Carat Band. This is a chart which breaks down gold purity carats (9ct = 37.5% Pure gold) into a percentage.

For the trade, we now offer a new online service which has industry leading prices for all gold and silver products. Simply set up an account and register as a dealer to view our dealers price list.


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Product Buy
9ct Gold $17.55 per gram
14ct Gold $27.31 per gram
22ct Gold $42.90 per gram
24ct Gold $46.74 per gram
Product Buy Sell
$200 Gold Coin $428.82 $555.54
Sovereign $342.77 $444.05
1oz Gold Coin $1,456.10 $1,800.62
US Twenty Dollar $1,408.78 $1,825.06
Krugerrand $1,456.10 $1,886.37
Product Buy Sell
1oz Silver Coin $18.45 $27.21
1kg Silver Bar $593.28 $769.90
Pre 1946 Coins (Kg) $516.49 $712.14
1966 50c Coin $6.30 $8.18
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Gold AUD $
Silver AUD $