Packing Fragile Items – 5 Pro Tips

You may not have realized you have plenty of fragile items in your house until you began packing for the move. Seeing these items being wrapped up and out of sight would be nerve-wracking. You’re concerned that they may get damaged or broken during the transit.

Boxes go through a lot of tough handling. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken for the breakables so that they safely reach their destination.

Here, in This Article, We’ll Be Putting Forth Practical Tips to Keep Your Fragile Items Safe While Transporting.

So, Scroll Down and Have a Look:-

1. Prepare in Advance

First & foremost, you need to prepare a packing plan. Packing up your crystal dinner set, glass art, or other breakable stuff requires extra cautiousness and time for your end. It is something you should never rush.

Commence with the preparation at least a week before and properly pack these fragile items.

Before you do anything, prepare a list of fragile things to be moved. It will help you relieve stress on the big day.

Take your time; moving can be stressful. And, it is easy to get frustrated and try to pack stuff quickly.

However, keep some time reserved for packing fragile items. It will pay off at the end when you adorn your new apartment with all your favourite decorations. And if you are finding it too taxing to do it, Perth-based removalists can help with the best ways and save your time.

2. Have the Right Packing Supplies

Here’s what you need for packing breakables. Quality, reliable boxes in various sizes, packing papers, scissors, pliable cupboard, bubble wrap, and packing tape.

A large table is needed to layout items and pack them smoothly. For larger, heavier fragile items, you need compact boxes as the things inside won’t shift inside while transporting.

Next, buy flimsy boxes. Opt for thicker & sturdier packing boxes. Have extra tapes to secure the bottom of the boxes. Your affordable moving company will guide you with purchasing the right packing supplies. Additionally, they’ll assist you when unpacking at your new house. Visit the link to find more information on packing supplies and support services.

3. Label It

The boxes with your delicate items must be clearly labelled as “Fragile” or “Handle With Care.” It will help your movers to know that there are breakable items. Besides that, it will assist you when you and your family start unpacking.

Make use of a waterproof marker, and don’t forget to label the boxes on each side. Taking the extra time to label the boxes can save your favourite set of coffee mugs or a fragile heirloom gift from breaking apart.

Not to mention, it can save time removalists in Canberra take while working on your project.

4. Pack Them Properly

Not only you should make use of the bubble wrap or newsprint when wrapping up the breakables. Double secure the bottom of the boxes for extra protection.

Use plenty of cushioning, and ensure there isn’t any space in the box so that items in it don’t shift and bang each other.

Use the right type of boxes, preferably those labelled as “Dish Packs.” Talk with experts and removalists in Ballarat to help you plan your move.

5. Supervise Movers

While you probably hired a cheap removing company so that you don’t have to lift a finger, you should supervise the crew of movers as they load and unload all your fragile belongings. It will ensure that the moving is smooth and secure. Click here and get the best help from your moving company.

You must guide them on where to unload your fragile things at your new house. Pay close attention to their needs, and give them everything they want for making the moving process efficient.

Hope these tips can help you save time and money on packing the delicate and often the most expensive household items.