Smart Tips to Pack your Kitchen for Moving

When moving house, the last room most of the people pack is their kitchen.

However, of all the rooms, packing your kitchen is the most difficult part of the moving process. 

There are fragile and extremely delicate items like glassware, plates, and mugs that can easily get damaged during the chaos around.

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Some other tips to simplify your kitchen packing process like a pro are:

  • Group like items

Rather than throwing all the kitchenware in one box, it’s advisable to group items into the following categories.

  • Liquids like oil, vinegar, etc.
  • Fragile items like glassware, wine collection, china, etc.
  • Appliances like coffee maker, toaster, etc.
  • Linens like a dishtowel, dishcloth, napkins, etc.
  • Sharp items like knives, forks, etc.
  • Pantry and refrigerator items like veggies, milk, etc.
  • Miscellaneous items like Pots, pans, etc.

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2.  Toss unnecessary items

Packing the kitchen is a big deal if you think otherwise. Don’t make it harder by carrying unwanted items. Get rid of unnecessary items to experience an easier and cost-effective relocation.

Some kitchen items to toss away are:

  • Old and damaged coffee mugs, storage jars and other tools 
  • Perishable food items like milk, fruits and veggies
  • Identical cookware
  • Buckets and plastic items 

If not throwing, you can use or give away items like perishables and kitchenware that is in good shape to your friends or neighbours.

3. Collect packing supplies

Kitchen items are highly vulnerable to scratches and cracks. To ensure your favourite dinner set and other kitchenware remain safe during the whole process of relocation, gather top-quality packing supplies.

  1. Moving containers: There are different sizes of moving boxes:
    • Large boxes: Being cost-effective and versatile, large boxes are suitable for packing cookware, small appliances and other lightweight items.
    • Medium boxes: Ideal for holding pots, pans, pantry items and other heavier stuff.
    • Heavy-duty boxes: Have sturdy and thick sides, perfect for packing plates, glasses, stemware and other delicate items.
      1. Newspaper: Wrap anything from fragile items to food in the newspaper.
      2. Cell kits: Practical and useful for packing wine bottles, cups, glasses, etc.
      3. Tape: To ensure all the stuff remains safe and intact inside the moving containers, seal the boxes with high-quality tape.

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4.  Pack smartly

Packing your items the right way is key to a successful relocation.

Some of the packing tips to follow are:

      • Label every box containing sensitive items as “FRAGILE”
      • Wrap every item individually with bubble wrap
      • Use moving blankets and packing paper to fill the spaces inside the boxes
      • Seal the boxes with strong and high-quality tape
      • Seal all the opened bottles with plastic wrap

Packing all the stuff on your own can be tricky. It’s advisable to hire the best removalists in Ballarat who can pack and move any household items including the kitchenware. 

      • Prepare essential bag

Make sure to prepare a bag containing kitchen essentials that you will need on a moving day and the first couple of days in your new home.

The basic items include dishes, cutlery, food items, appliances, dishtowel, dishcloth, cleaner, soap, etc.

In the end…

Packing the kitchen is not tough if you follow these simple tips. 

By following the above tips, you can take the stress out of your house move. And if you still find yourself alone in the entire process, you are just a call away to get the best help from top movers and packers in Sydney. They can take the burden off your shoulders and make moving hassle-free for you.